Connor K Greig

Project Manager · SDLC & Cloud Specialist · InfoSec Consultant

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Hello there, I'm Connor.

Thanks for checking out my site. If I'm honest, I rarely use this site so there may not be much of interest on here.

If you need to contact me, you can do so by heading to the Contact Me section at the bottom of this page.

Thanks, Connor.

What I've done


Chief Executive Officer
Content Creation Tools & Enablement

More info soon.

InputProtocol Ltd

InputProtocol is my multi-disciplined consultancy service that I use for my short term consultancy work.

Currently completing my long-awaited degree in IT w/ Psychology part time.


Specialist Project Manager,
Cloud Adoption & Tooling, BPDTS Limited (UK Gov't),

I was the lead project manager for moving crucial development services from on-premise to cloud providers, whilst uptooling and changing the Department's approach to development with 0 downtime and limited time & budget.

Project Manager
Various UK Government Accounts, HPE Services

I worked as a primary project manager on a temporary 'relief' basis for projects of complex conditions. I also lead various DWP strategic projects within HPE.


Not for profits that I work with


Contributor & International Standards Advisor
The Internet Society |

The Internet Society is a global effort that sets the international standards for many different areas of the internet and computing in general.

I generally advise on Cyber Security.


Emotional Support Listener
7 Cups |

7 Cups is an online active listening platform that allows people who need to talk, a place to be listened to. I've worked with many people through this platform and continue to love the community there.

If you ever need to chat anonymously, click here.


Chair of the Board & Director of Technology
The World Rebuilt |

The World Rebuilt is a Minecraft World Record attempt to rebuild the world at a 1:1 scale, accurately. Inspired by the decentralized BTE, The World Rebuilt mashes cloud technology and project management into a centralised approach.

Who I work with


How to contact me

My Public PGP key is here.

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